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  Giani Granite Paint

Review And Specifications For The Giani Granite Paint Kit

If you're countertops are looking outdated or simply in need of a new look, then the Giani Granite Paint Kit is a great way to refurbish your countertops without breaking the bank to do it. These DIY (do-it-yourself) kits make it possible for anyone - even the most inexperienced to successfully restore laminate kitchen and bathroom cabinet countertops with the beautiful look of natural granite. By following the easy-to-follow instructions provided with each kit, the process is literally like painting by the numbers. In less then a day the project can be completed and you'll have a lot of fun doing it too!

 The method of application is very similar to woodgraining or marbelizing techniques used by hobbyists and industry professionals for years. These techniques are commonly referred to as "faux" finishes, with faux referring to an imitated or fake appearance. By starting with a base coat, the applicator paints different colors over this foundational color using various types of textured tools like sponges, combs, or even wadded up newspaper. My company did several projects for movie productions where we would take a normal looking wall or door and make it look like wood or stone. Almost any combination of a faux finish can be achieved using this technique if you know what steps to take and what texture tools to use.

However, the folks at Giani have put everything together in one kit so there is no custom tinting required or guesswork when it comes to applying each step. The tutorials are straightforward and cover all the bases which is probably why these kits have become the top selling countertop paint kit on the market today. The other reason is the cost. At less then $70 for most of these Giani Granite Paint Kits it's an affordable and inexpensive way to completely change the look of any kitchen or bathroom.


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Product Features For Giani Granite Countertop Kits

Easy step-by-step instructions with tutorials and videos designed for the do-it-yourselfer
Specifications allow for going right over your existing laminate, tiled or marble countertops
Industrial grade materials for durability and adhesion
All materials are water based for safety and easy clean-up
Approximately 35 sq ft of countertop can be refurbished with each kit

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Each kit comes with enough material to provide the intended granite finish to complete 16 running feet of average countertop. However, there are a few other supplies you'll need like masking tape, a putty knife, and a few other inexpensive sundries which should cost less then $20.00 if you need them. You can see a complete list of tools and supplies in my "How to apply Giani countertop paint here."

One thing to keep in mind is that these kits provide you with a "faux" or fake finish that resembles granite or natural stone. Although the finished product looks great and would be seen as a beautiful update by anyone's standards it is still a faux or marbelized finish - so you need to keep that in mind. Also, the clear polyurethane used for this product is a "one-part urethane" and is not as hard as a two-part or catalyzed polyurethane. It dries to a glossy finish and is still very durable, but I would have preferred a two-part poly for added hardness.

The Giani Granite Paint Kits come in a variety of colors. Additional cans of the colored mineral paints are available for purchase if you want to modify the intended look of the kit by introducing another color to the faux finish. The kit also includes a practice cardboard panel for you to practice on first. No matter what experience level you might be, spending 15 minutes using the included foam brushes is well worth your time. Not only will it you allow you to practice until you have the textured pattern the way you like it, but you'll develop confidence that you can do this and do it right. This is not rocket science... and the folks at Giani have made the process quite easy to follow.


Here's what one customer of the Giani Granite Countertop Kit had to say:


"I did my bathroom countertop with this kit several months ago and it still looks great. It was a big improvement from the previous laminate that came originally with the house. I'm planning on doing my kitchen countertops next but the one advice i would give is to practice, practice, practice. I made a few mistakes on the first one because I didn't take the time to practice first. But all in all I'm very happy and would recommend this product."

(G Lovett)

review paraphrased for size - read original review here



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