How to Paint a Garage Floor With Epoxy

Using epoxy paint as your garage floor paint can facilitate forestall stains and deterioration, and it’ll provide your garage floor a tricky end for a saleroom look.

After years of use and abuse, garage floors will get pretty nasty. Epoxy coating the ground isn’t solely a simple weekend DIY however it’s additionally a good thanks to facilitate keep your work zone tantalizing and clean for years to come back.

Most garage slabs solely receive a minimum of sealer once originally poured. thus years of storage and spills very take their toll. and the natural porousness and chalkiness of concrete makes it virtually not possible to stay very clean.

Check For wetness

Check for existing wetness problems. If your block was originally poured with no underlying vapor barrier otherwise you have position water, it’s potential for vapor pressure to really carry coatings off the surface. Tape a 2′ x 2′ piece of clear plastic over the block and leave for twenty-four hours. If you see the concrete darken or water droplets kind, consult associate epoxy provider for solutions together with surface applied vapor barriers.


Check prognosis

Before you start ensure the air temperature is sixty degrees and rising which your block is at a minimum of fifty degrees. it’ll be close to not possible for the epoxy to line if you are trying to try and do this within the winter.


Assemble Tools + Materials

You’ll need a 2-part epoxy kit with concrete print and surface flakes, degreaser, floor patch, floor hand tool and squeegee, plastic spackling compound knife, painter’s tape, a 1/2” nap roller, a 5-gallon bucket, clay cat litter, and a carbon-filter paint odor mask.

Scrape + Degrease

Scrape up any onerous dirt or grease. For stubborn areas, apply full concentration degreaser so incessantly scrape the surface.

Alternate between the degreaser and dry clay cat litter to drag embedded oils out of the concrete.

Wash + Squeegee

Once the significant stains area unit up, quickly wash the whole floor with diluted degreaser.

Quickly take away the standing liquid with a foam squeegee. The goal is to not over wet the ground thus it’ll additionally dry quickly.


Apply print Pretreatment

Mix the acid concrete print with heat water per the directions. Then apply, scrub, and squeegee off the ground within the same manner because the degreaser. The acid can facilitate open the highest pores of the concrete that the epoxy adheres well.

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