How to Paint a Window Exterior

Repainting wood trim around windows is not any tiny task, however fortuitously it’s one that you just will simply do yourself.

Repainting wood trim around windows is not any tiny task, however fortuitously it’s one that you just will simply do yourself, particularly if you have got a single-story home or a good ladder. Peeling, cracking paint is associate degree ugly feature and leaves your windows at risk of injury and reduces your overall curb attractiveness. But, once it’s properly done, you’ll be able to go a few years while not having to repeat the method.

Give Windows a Deep cleanup

Pressure wash or use a twig bottle of multi-surface cleaner, a rag and old school labour to scrub dirt from the surface of the window and therefore the close trim. Removing settled dirt helps you to examine the condition of the window trim before you start scraping paint. Also, the new paint can adhere higher on a clean surface.

Scrape Loose Paint, calk and Glazing

Removing peeling paint is vital to making sure that the new coat of paint goes on well. Work diligently with a paint hand tool or spatula to scrape free all the loose paint. If you have got associate degree older home, there’s an opportunity of lead paint being on the windows, check for it. Take additional precautions by parturition a tarpaulin on the bottom below the window to capture paint chips and avoid toxins leach into the bottom. Also, wear a respirator to avoid breathing mud. If you have got considerations concerning removing lead paint, ask knowledgeable.

While you’re scraping the loose paint, note of the condition of the window glazing and caulking. If it’s in poor condition, it’ll simply become independent from. In spots wherever glazing is missing, the seal round the glass pane can seemingly be loose. Likewise, if caulking seems shriveled or cracked, wind and water will feed through and cause injury to the window’s interior.

Sand Painted Surfaces

Sand the scraped window surface. you wish to make a awfully sleek transition between the remaining paint on the window trim and therefore the areas that were scraped right down to blank wood. Sanding the surface of the present paint will facilitate the new primer and paint adhere higher. mud the windows once you area unit done sanding.

Repair broken Caulking and Glazing

Most calk is developed to fully dry at intervals a number of hours, however re-glazing windows needs a extended dry time and extends the project timeline from a number of days, to a number of weeks.

Prime Windows

Tape off the glass before priming and painting, however if you’re employing a latex-based paint and you have got a gradual hand, you’ll be able to in all probability do while not the tape. simply certify to possess a moist rag accessible to wipe off primer that accidently lands on the glass. otherwise you will wait till the duty is finished then scrape it off employing a razor blade. Do your best to be neat once operating on the perimeters of the glass. Apply a coat of primer to the whole surface of the window trim. permit it to fully dry.

Paint Windows

Follow up with a coat of exterior paint. If you’re dynamic the paint color of your trim within the method, you’ll notice that it’ll need an additional coat of paint to realize adequate coverage.

Remove Excess Paint

There will be paint left behind on the surface of the glass (expect it, notwithstanding however laborious you are attempting to be neat). the simplest thanks to take away this paint is by wielding a pointy razor blade. Use the tip of the blade to locomote the paint on the sting of the trim, and so hold it at associate degree angle and use the wide fringe of the blade to peel it off the glass from below. it’ll flake away and might be cleaned.

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