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  Rustoleum Countertop Paint

Is Rustoleum Countertop Paint the best solution for your countertops?

The Rustoleum line of countertop paints are excellent for what they are intended to do - if you apply it correctly. When you look at the dozens of customer reviews on Amazon you'll see that the majority of the customer feedback was not good.

Most of the people were unhappy with the finished product. They didn't like the "toxic" odor, were unhappy with the final finish, and some users thought it scratched too easily. Anyone reading these reviews would probably not buy Rustoleum countertop paint and would look for something different to use.

As a contractor who has used this product extensively I think it's important to put in perspective what this product is for and what your options are. I think part of the problem for anyone who makes the decision to paint cabinets or countertops are their expectations and lack of skill to apply it correctly. Countertops are incredibly visible from an aesthetic point of view. They should be viewed almost as a piece of furniture when refinishing, otherwise you're left with an eyesore that looks like it was done by an unskilled amateur. Not only that, but countertops are heavily used too. Countertops are... by their very nature designed to have things sitting on them. So durability and hardness is also important with any type of finish you select.

Let's not forget that when using rustoleum countertop paint, or any paint product for that matter, you are simply painting a surface. You are not refurbishing or restoring it as you would with the Giani Granite Paint Kit or the Rustoleum Countertop Transformations kit reviewed on this site. You're getting a paint job, nothing more and nothing less. Obviously, expectations need to be lower. Additionally, obtaining a professional finish when painting countertops requires more skill then the other two approaches. I know this sounds crazy but it's really true. The other kits create abstract finishes covered with a clear polyurethane coating. Visible flaws are easier to fix and touch-up - whereas with a painted surface you have to apply it correctly, going from corner to corner without stopping and touch-ups will almost always be noticeable.

Generally speaking, coatings used for any flat surface like a floor or a countertop need to be thin-milled once dry. Thicker paints tend to remain soft and pliable which may work great for a piece of exterior wood but are not acceptable when a hard finish is required. Further, these type of paints tend to dry quickly which makes them more difficult to work with. Once the paint begins to dry it becomes almost impossible to smooth anything that doesn't look right. You have to move quickly, with right brush and roller and get it right the first time. Otherwise the finished product will have flaws and you won't be happy. I'd be willing to bet that most of the bad reviews for this product fall into this category.


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Product Details for Rustoleum Countertop Coating


1 quart of interior countertop paint
Tinting available for most dark colors
Straightforward to apply without requiring a primer coat
Finish is washable, chemical and moisture resistant
Coating contains antimicrobial protection against mold and mildew growth

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If you decide to paint, remember that a primer is not necessary over laminate countertops with this product but I would still plan on giving it two coats. Using a foam roller and a natural bristle brush for cutting in the edges will normally deliver a nice, professionally looking job. Just remember to work quickly when rolling the flats and do not stop until you've gone corner to corner.

Having said that, there are still lots of scenarios where it makes sense to paint versus using one of the aforementioned kits. Painting is the cheapest way to go and when done correctly can look just fine as long you're not expecting more then what a simple paint job can provide. If your expectations are in line then the Rustoleum countertop paint can give you a nice job when done correctly.


Here's what one customer had to say about Rustoleum Countertop Paint...


"I've read some of the reviews on this page and I personally think that most people should leave the painting to the pros. I am a professional sign painter and I had no problems using this product. I used the same foam rollers I use for sign painting and the finish looked like I had sprayed it."

(Alan T)

review paraphrased for size - view original review here



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