The UK’s Best Decking Paints

Most people can sometimes use stain or oiling merchandise to alter the color of their deck, as this may additionally facilitate to guard the surface. See our guide the simplest decking oils & treatment merchandise for additional data on this.

That being same, paint remains a viable different. you’ll like it to staining or oiling if you’re wanting to hide Associate in Nursing recent color and wish a thicker end.

If you’ve got a dark surface, it additionally permits you to alter to a brighter color because it can cowl any surface. this is often not one thing which will be achieved with oil or stain, that retain a number of the natural color of the wood.

You should bear in mind that a lot of paints area unit best avoided for timber as they’ll usually flake and peel underneath serious traffic, likewise as obscuring the grain of the wood. For this reason you would like to terribly careful concerning the merchandise you utilize on your surface.

The merchandise in our list below were chosen as a result of they’re specifically tailored for garden decking – they won’t peel or flake and can leave your surface wanting superbly revitalized.

inbuilt anti-slip and fantastic depth of color – won’t peel like alternative merchandise

Firmtread is our favorite possibility and therefore the best deck paint for those wanting to convey their recent deck a brand new, polished look. They even have a ‘clear’ possibility for those wanting to ‘spruce up’ their existing color.

The #1 drawback deck house owners sometimes expertise once painting their surface is that the coating sometimes begins to peel and flake when half dozen months roughly. because the name of this product suggests – it’s designed specifically to resist serious treading on areas of high step. Thankfully, peeling could be a drawback we’ve ne’er seasoned with Firmtread’s opposing Slip vary.

Painting your surface may also render it slithering underfoot, that is why we’re happy that every one Firmtread merchandise have additionally inbuilt anti-slip particles that facilitate stop the surface changing into slithering in wet weather. These do build your boards feel a bit abrasive to the bit, however we tend to feel it’s a value price paying for safety.

For these reasons, this is often the simplest deck paint our consultants have used to-date. At £22.00 per 2.5L tin, it’s additionally one among the most affordable choices on our list.

In fact, this product is thus sensible that the sole factor we tend to don’t like concerning it’s that the vary of colors is simply too restricted, with solely four colors on the market. We’d love a wider pallet of colors to decide on from however till then – we’ll got to act with the four we’ve got!

Note that Firmtread isn’t as thick as alternative paints, thus if you’re longing for a thicker coat you must in all probability look at Ronseal Rescue below. On the and aspect this will mean that you just will still see the natural grain of the timber boards through the coating.

The makers advise that the additional times you coat your surface the darker Associate in Nursingd thicker the color – thus this is often continuously an choice to hunted for people who like this product however desire a thicker coat.

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