The World’s First Color Thesaurus Is Here

Who knew there was a distinction between butter and banana yellow?

If your color vocabulary is restricted to primaries and Pantone’s shade of the year, you most likely have that in common with ninety nine p.c of the population. however if you would like to travel on top of and on the far side, we have got some preparation for you: author and children’s book artist, Ingrid Sundberg, created associate degree infographic chart that identifies the various shades inside the colours of the rainbow.

The California-based designer told freelance she determined to form the chart whereas functioning on a fantasy novel: “I was finding that words like ‘blue’ or ‘red’ were turning into repetitive and weren’t making the precise imagination i used to be hoping for.” thus she started collection words to keep company with her totally different shades and designed the chart for future reference.

Things that stunned us? Mustard yellow and Dijon mustard ar apparently totally different colours (no matter that they are primarily a similar condiment). ade falls into the pink class — not yellow. And red is handily our favourite class — are you able to blame U.S.A. once wine, merlot, and drink all constitute it?

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