Tips for Painting Vinyl Siding

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Homeowners with vinyl siding square measure sometimes unaware that vinyl is painted with success. Painting vinyl siding is that the most cost-effective various to exchange it.

A vinyl siding paint job restores light siding to boost the planning and price of a home. Paint coatings on vinyl, once applied properly, usually last longer than on porous surfaces like wood that retain wetness. Applying vinyl paint is simple and may be achieved while not the utilization of a brush and roller.

Vinyl Siding Paint colours

Unfortunately, there square measure limitations once selecting paint colours for vinyl siding. sure paint colours, notably dark colours, could absorb an excessive amount of heat, inflicting the vinyl to warp and peel. Generally, paint colours that square measure lighter than the initial siding color square measure safe from distortion. Most paint manufacturers provide a palette of vinyl-safe colours.

In addition to victimization vinyl-safe paint colours for your siding, it’s even additional necessary to form positive the paint is just too. A paint with gloss in it, like material, is best for painting vinyl. A shiny paint mimics the initial gloss of the siding and can be easier to scrub.

Clean Mildew and Dirt

Like Al siding, vinyl forms a powdery film on the surface that ought to be clean before painting. Vinyl conjointly tends to accumulate mildew which has to be clean too. the simplest thanks to clean the siding is with a garden sprayer (pump sprayer) and hose, not an influence washer. the extraordinary pressure from an influence washer will force water behind the siding.

An effective cleansing answer could be a mixture of one gallon of water, one quart bleach and 1/3 cup detergent. The bleach helps take away the dark mildew stains once laundry. combine the answer during a pump sprayer and spray it onto the siding. you’ll use an influence washer to use cleaner too, however solely with the air mass cleansing tip, not the complete pressure tip.

Scrub the siding with a tough brush and rinse everything off with a hose, not an influence washer. once the water dries you ought to be ready to rub your finger on the surface while not seeing any powder or residue.

Best Paint for Vinyl Siding

Sherwin Williams length and Super Paint square measure 2 premium paints that job nice on vinyl siding. Not all paints is used on vinyl, therefore it’s important to browse the label before creating a procurement. the best paint for this substrate ought to be acrylic and vinyl-safe, that means that the paint is intended to expand with the siding to avoid failure.

After careful cleansing, 2 coats of paint is all that’s required for adequate coverage and sturdiness. Priming vinyl sometimes is not necessary, unless the initial color has worn off fully, or if the surface is cellular. just like the paint, confirm the primer is additionally acrylic and safe for vinyl.

Spray Painting Vinyl Siding

Spray painting vinyl siding is that the best application technique. Spraying saves a large amount of your time and appears just like the initial plant end, while not brush and roller marks.

The process and technique for spraying vinyl is that the same as painting Al siding. you may got to cowl windows, doors and downspouts with plastic before employing a sprayer outside. Throw drop cloths and tarps over the bushes. Shrubs ought to be decrease enough to permit easier access for spraying.

The best sprayer for painting siding is associate unventilated sprayer, that square measure accessible for rent at the most home improvement stores. the right spray tip size to use are going to be noted on the will of paint. once employing a sprayer outside, solely spray on a relaxed day while not wind. you’ll conjointly management over-spray by dialing down the pressure on the sprayer.

Spray vinyl siding from left to right, beginning at the highest, operating all the way down to rock bottom of the house. No roller is required. Vinyl is sleek enough that the sprayed paint can cowl the surface fine in 2 coats. just like staining a deck floor, invariably keep a wet fringe of paint once spraying horizontally from one aspect of the house to the opposite. Avoid beginning, or stopping, within the middle.

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